On September 14th, Ms. Houston and Ms. Zegler took their students to "P.E. in the Park".  What a good time to enjoy the beautiful 75 degree weather while participating in physical activities that included climbing jungle gym ladders, crawling through tunnels, going across a moving bridge and, of course, good times down the slides, which seemed to be the favorite.


Fun day!



On Saturday, our Speech and Debate team represented Spring Valley at Clark High School in multiple events. The following students placed in the top three of their events. When you see them, please congratulate them on their hard work and winnings!


Pablo Ponce placed 1st in Lincoln Douglas Debate

Joshua Fajardo placed 3rd in Foreign Extemp

Amber Chou placed 3rd in Original Oratory

9-8 Shadow Tournament Winners.jpg

Watch this video to see what Spring Valley High School has to offer!

Text of Audio:

Speaker, Billy Hemberger: "The Spring Valley Athletic Program is definitely committed to giving the student athletes the tools necessary to use their voice as a asset.  The sports leadership program is an elective and the thought process behind it is with our athletes, we consistently work on our X's and O's and yet the leadership building is something that we don't necessarily have time as coaches to develop and it's a skill that can be taught."

Speaker, Kash: "Sports Leadership Program has definitely opened my eyes a lot when it comes to public speaking and me and my team."

Speaker, Ella: "Makes you realize your influence is not only on your team, but on yourself."

Speaker, David: "Realize a lot about myself and how I lead as an individual and how I can push my team to further itself."

Speaker, Billie Hemberger: "There are 4 different types of leaders; So you have Relations Oriented, which is somebody who is good at relationships.  You have Task Oriented, which is the 'to-do list'.  You have the Transformational Leader, who kind of leads from the back and really believes in the player-lead team is better then a coach-lead team, and then you have the Laissez Faire Leader which is, basically, 'it's implemented, it's a good culture.  I'll just make sure that I'm managing it.'  I'm getting a real positive feedback from the coaches and from the athletes just on what they're doing in class and implementing it.  Coaches have said they see the difference. They want the leadership role."

Speaker, Kash:  "Don't be afraid to talk out.   Even if you're not the most skilled player, you're not the most experienced.  That's not what it takes to be a leader."

Speaker, Ella:  "Not everybody can stand in front of 2,000 people, but everybody can help shape somebody and lead them to where they want to b."

Speaker, David: "It's not just thinking about you and how you can be better, it's thinking about how your team can be better, how your coaches can be better an dhow your parents can get more involved."

Speaker, Billy Hemberger: "We talk about a vision that it's not about you.  Every athlete has some kind of conflict that they're going through, so we've spoken about how maybe them being in this class is not truly about them, but about the people that they're able to serve."

Class:  "Grizzly Nation-yea!"

“You must do the thing you think you cannot do.”
– Eleanor Roosevelt