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Attendance notes must be turned in no later than 3 school days after the absence. Please make sure they include the student’s full name, student ID #, reason for absence, and guardian’s signature. You do not need to call in on the day of the absence as we cannot accept a verbal excuse as all excuse notes must be in writing.

If you feel that your teacher has incorrectly marked your student absent, please have your student contact the teacher to make the correction.

Please note that absences of more then 3 days in a row can only be excused with a doctor's note or if they are prearranged. Prearranged Absence Forms are available in the main office and must be completed and turned in to the grade office in advance.

Attendance is critical to student success. Please read the attached Excerpts and Summaries of Nevada Laws on Attendance for more information. Students and parents may turn in attendance notes to the Spring Valley High School Attendance Clerk.


Additionally, Clark County School District_Regulation 5113 provides more clarification on attendance enforcement. Students who have an excess of seven (7) absences in a single semester, may be denied course credit. Please review the attached CCSD Regulation for more information.

Digital Attendance Note
DMV Certificate of Attendance

Students unverified absences may NOT exceed 8


Please submit your request at least

2 days in advance

Summer DMV Certificate Information


SVHS Parking Permit Form


Early Release Procedure
Tardy Policy
Parent's Guide to School Attendance
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Spring Valley High School Attendance Procedures/Information

                This is a friendly reminder to parents about the SVHS attendance policies.  

  • Students are only allowed seven (7) unexcused absences per semester before they lose credit in that course.  

  • Students are only allowed three (3) days to turn in a note for an absence to be considered excused.  

  • A parent note for a medical/health issue is only accepted for the first three (3) days of absences and on the 4th day, a doctor’s note is required.  

  • A “Circumstance” excuse is only good for up to 10 days the entire school year.  Also, if a student is more than 30 minutes late to school, then he/she is considered absent for that class.

  • Students may not leave campus during the school day without a parent signing them out.  If a student is not signed out and leaves campus, then he/she is considered Truant. 

  • To excuse an absence you can send a note with your student, by fax: 702-855-8363.


If you have any further questions, please feel free to call the attendance office at 702-799-2580 ex 4035.


Medical Excuse - Parent provides a hand written medical note

Medical Professional Excuse – Doctor’s medical note provided

Circumstances – Family circumstances; family business, prearranged, personal business; or emergencies. Only 10 circumstance days per school year will be excused.