Spring Valley High School is now part of the Pepperdine University Global collaboration.

We're globally collaborating with students from Africa, Europe, and here in the USA. 

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•    The Instructional Design and Professional Learning Division (IDPLD) has developed brochures by quarter for all Algebra I and Geometry students.  
•    These brochures contain important information to help parents and guardians understand the curriculum and provide them with resources that they can use with their children at home to practice what they are learning in class.
•    The brochures contain an overview of the course, main topics of the course, and sample questions with QR codes to access video solutions.
•    Please see the links below titled Algebra I and Geometry Parent Resources.
•    If you would like to receive these printed resources for your students at no cost, please complete the survey at https://goo.gl/forms/7Vx842VHQ0RgOTE03 by Friday, February 17, 2017.  Questions may be directed to Barbara Perez, Director, K-12 Mathematics, at 702-799-5398.

Algebra 1 Quarter 1

Algebra 1 Quarter 2

Algebra 1 Quarter 3

Algebra 1 Quarter 4

Geometry 1 Quarter 1

Geometry 1 Quarter 2

Geometry 1 Quarter 3

Geometry 1 Quarter 4


End of Course Resources