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Mrs. Darcy Bechtel

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My beloved Grizzlies - 


Are we hanging in there? Are we all doing ok? Raise your hand if you want to get OUT of your house! I’m right there with you...sick of being at home. However, this is not going away any time soon, so stay home, stay healthy, and stay away from everyone. 


This link will give you at home access to all of our Salem Press books online, and we have a bunch of them. Excellent resources for all your academic needs -- stay on top of your work, Grizzlies.


Remember this link to the Center for Disease Control and the Covid-19 map created by Johns Hopkins University, to stay on top of how this virus is moving across our nation and the world. This is a global fight - one that we are all participating in. Let’s crush it.


Here is the link to the Southern Nevada Health District and their Coronavirus information - always good to stay on top of things.


On a random note, you can download World War Z by Max Brooks from the public library -- I usually talk about this book in my library orientations. It’s about how a pandemic spreads across the globe, using zombies as the virus. This might be the worst book to read right now, but I’m always full of good ideas. 


On a really random note, we have a pigeon nest on top of the soda machine outside the library. I’ll ask Mr. Larnerd to set up a ‘pigeon cam’ so we can watch their progress. We all know how much he loves pigeons… 


Well, there you have it Grizzlies. Stay safe, stay healthy, stay away from randoms, stay on top of your school work, stay sane. We all love you and we miss you.

We now have BrainPop, a tutoring tool with a ton of content for you to use here and at home, teachers and students alike!

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