Please take a moment to review our policies and guidelines.

2019/2020 CCSD K-12-student-code-of-conduct


SVHS Academic Honesty Policy


SVHS Assessment Policy


Behavior Guidelines for Secondary Students


SVHS Language Policy


SVHS Inclusion Policy


What is an RPC?


Attending a Sports Event?

Please be reminded that NO backpacks or outside food/drink are allowed.  Dress Code and all school rules will be enforced.  Go Grizz!

Just a reminder that all visitors MUST sign-in at the front office before proceeding to your scheduled appointment.

Food Policy/Possible Allergens

Cell Phone Policy

Spring Valley HS or the CCSD assume no responsibility

or liability for any Ipods/MP3s or phones that are lost,

stolen or misplaced on school property.

The school will not reimburse any student

or parent for these items.

Deliveries to Students Policy

Students are NOT allowed to order and receive deliveries from Uber-Eats or any other delivery service at any time.