Prepare for your ASVAB (Career Placement Exam) test:

SSG James T. Daws

Career Counselor/Recruiter

7017 W Spring Mountain Rd Ste 102A

Las Vegas, NV 89117

office: 702-643-4241

cell: 702-545-8373


  • 100% Tuition Exemption: State benefit for all Nevada State Colleges.

  • 100% Federal Tuition Assistance.

  • Montgomery GI Bill:  pays $300 per month as you attend college for undergraduate and graduate studies.  It is free of contribution to eligible Army National Guard members.

  • MGIB Kicker:  $350 in living expenses for qualified members.

  • ROTC:  Additional funds, tax-free stipends.

  • Book Reimbursement: C+ Grade

  • Free CLEP/GRE/PSAT/SAT & ACT Testing

  • Low cost Dental and Medical

  • Low cost Life Insurance

  • Retirement: for qualified 20 year service up to $1, 653.00 per month or more at age 60.

  • Travel (AT, NCOES, Conferences, Position)

  • Low-interest home loans

  • Base privileges, lodging, department store, commissary, cabins, campsites, sporting goods for rent, hobby shops (tax-free)

  • Military ID Card holder discounts and privileges


  • Be 17-35 years old (Prior Service may be older

  • Be a US Citizen or a Legal permanent resident alien

  • Meet medical requirements and moral requirements

  • Meet education requirements

  • Complete the ASVAB

Learn one of the

following skills:

Military Police





Cavalry Scout



Indirect Infantry

Computer Specialist

Infantry and more...